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Sep. 4th, 2013

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Oct. 20th, 2008

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down to 133 i WILL be down to 130 or lower by friday i need to get my ass back in gear i want to be in the 20's and i will be soon im going to work my ass off i will do anything i can i want to lose 1lbs a day. im starting an all water fast as of right now and im going to try my best to make it the whole week anyone who wans to join in is welcome to :)

Oct. 15th, 2008

(no subject)

so somethings been kinda buggin me and i was wondering if anyone else feels the same
i hate how people see ana/mia
like no one understands that its not just a diet we choose to take..that its something that controls our entire lives
i seriously think that everything bad that happens has something to do with me being fat
i hateeeee how people think of ana as another word for under wieght
as far as im concerned you dont need to be underwieght to be ana mia....thats jus when it gets bad..so if you get sick for a while and you cant eat does that make you ana??
i cant believe some ppl think this i hate that people think its a choice
that they dont understand that haunting voice in the back of my mind thats always yelling at me every bite i take making me feel guilty even when its a piece of lettuce that im eating the voice telling me that im fat and ugly and i will never be perfect the voice telling me the only way to make things better is to starve
this isnt a choice this isnt something i decided to do one day
im not underweight but thats only b/c i let myself gain so much over the last year i starve myself constantly im always on water fasts so what the diff b/w now and when all this wieght is gone? b4 anyone gets the wrong idea over what im saying here im not upset that ppl dont think im ana mia im glad no one suspects it makes things so much easier for me and im doing my best to make sure they never know ....what im upset about is that so many ppl see ana mia as a weight loss plan
that they can get skinny n get out
that they dont understand what it involves how it controls us

aha thats my rant for the day...i was talking with my fiance and my friends the other day and they were commenting on celebs going ana and we somehow got in a convo about it....it was so hard not to get to into it to much or they would wonder how i knew so much n w/e ...good thing i was in psych and we did things like this in it so i was able to bade most of what i said off of that...but the way they were looking at it actually made me mad a lil...they think its so easy that its a diet 
i hated how they looked at ppl with ana as if they wanted this life and that with a  drop of a hat they could stop...to me its like a mental disorder I mean im prettys ure every other normal person doesnt have the lil voice freaking out on them b/c they ate a cup of salad leaves the voice saying to go purge now or else you will get even fatter then your disgusting self already is....what normal person thinks like this...i think that it is a mental disorder its something that controls us something that we cant jus walk away from and not look back
the closest i came to getting them to understand what it was , was when one of them started going off on alcholism and was still sayin it was a choise and that we do it on our own and get addicted and once we "quit" that we never want to do it ever again we never get the urge it just goes away....ughhhh i dont even know why it bothers me

its like they are saying im weak and that im doing this just b/c i felt like it one day and got addicted to not eating?? how the hell can you get addicted to not eating? i dunno i feel like its almost insulting they way they look at it the way they look at me without even realizing it
the way that they dont understand at allllll what its like ...how much stress it is how much sleep i lose over it how every thought that enters into my mind is somehow based on how fat i am or how i can lose more

am i the only one that this bothers??

Oct. 14th, 2008

(no subject)

I AM IN NEED OF SOME NEW THINSPO SO HERE IT IS Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket Photobucket

(no subject)

this entry is pretty much me jus tryin to get soem things off my chest so feel free to skip right over it.....

so I couldnt even bare to come on here for the last little bit. I have totally lost control and have failed soooo bad.... i was doing soooo good with fasting and then it all went down hill. i havent eatin a tonnnnn but deff more then i would like ...i have bee eating things without even looking at the cals and at the time not even caring  i purged every time iate but i only half of it...i would feel sooooo gross but yet i would eat again the next day even tho i still felt so gross from the last day.

i couldnt bare to come on here i didnt want to have to say how bad i was doing but now i think it made it worse....having everyone else there makes things so much easier for me

i havent gained alot...i have been pretty much bouncing from 137-141 for like a week now. i am supposed to be working on my 130 goal now ughhh why do i suck so bad....

i need to start a major fast water and diet coke nothing else

i have been walking and exercising as much as i can lately even tho i pretty much gatta drag myself to do it....i am gettin supppppppper depressed again...i know i have a prob wioth depression and i feel horrible b/c my fiance thinks its his fault when its not at all i try and explain the best i can...but even i dont know im just fucked up thats all im completely fucked up...the shit that goes through my mind i swear no one else would think of. everything lately has been gettin to me and i jus want to sit down and cry for a day jus curl up in a ball on my bed and cry...i try to talk to him but he doesnt seem to understand he thinks that hes teh prob no matter what and it frustrates me theres soooooo much on my mind right now and untop of all that is my ed im tryin to deal with all that and run a day home with 5 very energetic boys during the day and then spend time with my family at night and it just feels like im always working

i know he needs a break to but it feels like im up till 10 running around doing everything worrying about the next day and trying to clean up the house and he can sit and relax ...im not saying he doesnt help b/c he does alot but it jus seems that i can never just sit and he can i cant even watch a fuckin tv show or do my asignments for my course...i feel so burnt out (i think thats why i have been eating lately food is my comfort even tho i hate myself afterwards).i jus want someone to hug me right now. i have no friends here they are all on the other side of the damn country my family..well im never good enough for them any way.....i have lost like 30lbs almost and when i went down for thanksgiving my mom was like oh you lost wieght...good
ughh i know i a fat shit right now but she was like that even when i wasnt

omg im so sorry for all this like i said all my friends are like a 12 hour flight away and i really have no one to talk to and my depression is supppper bad right now typin out is kinda helpin a lil in a wierd way...

so right now i feel like i have no control over ne thin and i hate it i feel useless and helpless....i feel like everythin bad that happens to ne oen around me is b/c i fucked up somehow..that somewhere i did something wrong.
i even lost my control over food but im going to get it back....
every time i took a bite out of soemthing i puked it up i woudlnt even finish it i went rigth for the bathroom eventually i stopped eating my throats killin me but its punishment for fucking up so much lately....i drank half a thing of diet pepsi and was drinking green tea but put it down somewhere and have no idea where i put it to ahah im awesome lol

i refuse to eat supper i plan on goin down and usin the iliptical for a while when everyones eating then goin for a run showering and going to bed early b/c i am supppper tired

i need to get back on track and find soem way to lose like 10lbs in a week i dont care if it sounds impossible im gonna go as extreme as i can i neeeeeed to do this

sorry for ne one that read this entry lol hope yer all doing better then me stay strong everyone

                  love yas

Oct. 9th, 2008

(no subject)

well i made it down to 138 and then i had a bite of chicken and like less then half a cup of veggies purged and i still gained 3lbs!!!!!! i have been tryin to get rid of it the last 2 days and get back to my old wieght but it wont budge. i havent eat ne thin other then half a granola bar yesterday so like 45-55cals somethin like that. and i have been keeping as busy as i can i spent like 3-4 hours cleaning last night like rearrangin the bedroom moving heavy dressers running up and down the stairs a hundered times i exercised did stretches and cleaned out the storage closet during the day. and even in my relaxing time i was up moving around and running up and down my stairs
why wont this wieght go away i wanna be back in the 30's!!! i did start my period so maybe thats why? it feels like im makin excuses though i hate blaming it on that. im jus gonna hafat work even harder today!!!

here are some thinspo/tips i find useful when i get cravins maybe they will help someone else as well....

001. Keep a thinspiration book. Get a really nice journal or something and print pictures of skinny models, tips, quotes, or workouts, and glue it in there. Look through it whenever you want to binge.

002. Keep a stack of magazines weighing the same amount you want to lose. When you lose weight remove some magazines from the stack. It will be thinspirational to see that pile slowly start to get smaller.

003. Eat on a blue or black plate. Dark colors usually make you feel fuller, faster. Better yet, eat on small dark plates.

004. When you want to eat something you shouldn't, make a list of all the reasons you shouldn't, and read it 20 times.

005. When you get a craving, count to 100 really slowly, and it might pass.

006. If you live by yourself, put up motivational pictures or numbers on the unsafe foods. Stick your goal weight to the peanut butter jar.

007. Get one of those three ring binders and make a section for each part of the body. Put all the exercises you've got in there according to what body part there for.

008. Pick one food for the day, like an apple. Cut it into 4 quarters. Eat one part for breakfast, one for lunch, one for dinner, and you've got one left over for a snack.

009. Take a Polaroid picture of yourself wearing nothing but your underwear. When you want to binge, look at it, and see all that fat that you need to get rid of? Carry it in your wallet whenever you go somewhere where there will be food.

010. If you live by yourself and prone to binges, buy only the food you need for the day. That way if you eat it, there isn't anymore.

011. Eat with the opposite hand you normally do. Left handed people eat with their right hand, and vice versa.

012. Wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it when you want to eat. You'll train yourself not to think about eating.

013. Spend a little time every day on pro-anorexic sites or doing something completely and totally thinspirational.

014. Clean something gross like a litter box when you want to eat.

015. Wear tight tight jeans so you remember how much weight you have to lose.

016. Pour tons of something gross on your food like salt or dish soap so you can't eat it. (if your eating out, use the former, and say you accidentally put too much salt on, and its too salty)

017. If you get really bad headaches it could possibly be from dehydration so drink lots of water.

018. Eat in front of the mirror. Hell, eat in front of the mirror naked and see how much you want to eat then.

019. Drink herbal teas. They have no calories. If you don't like them unsweetened, buy some splenda. Or if you're more in to natural stuff, try stevia, its like sugar, but no cals.

020. When you get the urge to eat chew sugar free gum. Just make sure you keep track of how much you have. Most kinds have 5 calories a piece.

021. Freeze your foods. I freeze yogurt and make ice cubes out of Crystal Lite. Frozen yogurts take forever to eat so you feel occupied longer.

022. When you go to a restaurant order something that's not too unhealthy. Put half of it in a doggy bag and say your going to eat it tomorrow for lunch. Then eat half of what's on your plate and "forget" the doggy bag in the restaurant.

023. Eat breakfast and lunch or just breakfast, never eat dinner cause if you eat dinner you don't give your body enough time to burn off the calories.

024. Go shopping and try on clothes that you wish you could fit you and that should stop your craving for food.

025. Pinch all your fat if you want to eat and see how disgusting it is and then you'll think that if you eat you'll just add more to it and you don't want that.

026. If you can go to your kitchen and take all the bad foods that you know you will binge on and just throw them away.

027. Make sure you get enough calcium. Take your vitamin.

028. If you sit a lot every hour get up and go crazy start dancing or jumping stupidly or anything like that it will boost your metabolism for a little.

029. Stay away from food and the kitchen there evil!(unless your parents are around, then pretend like you just finished getting a snack)

030. Have you ever noticed that most people who you see eating are fat? Well remember this if you eat like them you'll be as fat as them.

031. Try to plan how much your going to eat and what there's a 30% more chance you wont over eat then.

032. Look at supermodels do they look like they eat?! No! So if you REALLY want to look like them them don't eat.

033. A calorie is a calorie so it doesn't matter what kind you eat just eat under 1000 and you'll lose weight.

034. Make a meal plan with all the days and put the limit of calories you'll allow yourself to after you eat write down what you ate.

035. To keep a binge from coming go outside, do 20 pushups and then 20 jumping jacks after you won't feel like eating anymore. Better yet, do them in front of the mirror. naked.

036. To boost your metabolism and keep you feeling full drink several green tea's each day.

037. Every ana should take at least one multivitamin per day, no calories, but essential for every ana.

038. Two tablespoons of vinegar before the meal helps suck the fat out.

039. Caffeine is great ~ it decreases appetite.

040. Peppermint tea or lollies are a great appetite suppressant.

041. Diet Cola, Pepsi or Pepsi Max are 1 cal per can ~ drink, drink, drink...

042. Don't stop moving' ~ every cal counts.

043. Don't swallow ~ chew and spit.

044. Eat seaweed or kelp pills ~ they say it boosts the metabolism.

045. Don't slouch, sit straight ~ you burn more cals that way.

046. Dress down, more cals are burnt when you're cold.

047. Lack of sleep stimulates appetite ~ but burns more cals.

048. Spicy foods boost the metabolism.

049. Eat negative cal foods.

050. Eat lots of celery ~ a negative cal food too.

051. Drink at least 3 liters of water per day ~ it will help you feel full.

052. Munch on ice cubes to create a feeling of fullness.

053. Take it slow ~ it takes 20 minutes for the stomach to realize it is full.

054. Eat lots of fiber ~ expands in your stomach to create a full feeling.

055. Don't eat in front of the telly ~ concentrate on the food while you eat ~ you get more satisfied.

056. Eat vegetarian sausages instead of real meat.

057. Do 50 sit ups every morning ~ it will raise your metabolism and make you more motivated to do things throughout the day.

058. Cabbage makes you lose weight ~ but watch out for the smell!!!

059. Strawberries are lo cal and boost the metabolism.

060. Drink one glass of water every hour.

061. Eat negative calorie foods at least 2 times a day.

062. Weigh yourself before and AFTER every time you eat.

063. Exercise 2 times the amount of calories you eat.

064. Eat 6 small meals a day spaced about 3 hours apart. at 50 calories 6 times a day that is only 300 calories.

065. Let yourself binge once a week. and ONLY ONCE.

066. Eat standing up, move around while you eat.

067. Watch other people eat..and feel superior!!!

068. Find pictures of overweight people and put them in various places around your house.

069. Find a buddy, compete.

070. Once a week treat yourself. take a bubble bath..listen to relaxing music, get a massage, give yourself a manicure, a facial..etc. anything to pamper yourself...to relax ...as a destresser..and to reward yourself for your good work for the week.

071. Spend a little time each day at pro anorexia sites. or reading your e-mails for motivation.

072. Until you reach your goal you want to wear tight jeans. baggy tops are great. but make sure your jeans are tight.

073. Ever noticed how (most anyway) little kids are skinny? They are always running around! Take their example.

074. Stay cold.

075. If you feel like you're going to eat, but don't need it, put a few drops of vinegar on your tongue.

076. Cut your food into tiny pieces.

077. Eat with chop sticks if you're alone.

078. Write in a journal as much as you need to to keep you from eating.

079. Work on a Rexy "Bible" with sayings, pictures, tips, and whatever you want.

080. Make a drawing or collage that reminds you of your goals and keeps you motivated.

081. Stand whenever you can.

082. Move whenever you can.

083. Keep your hands busy.

084. Practice visualizing yourself thin.

085. Eat only half of the recommended serving, then go back for the rest later.

086. When eating with friends, try to talk as much as possible. This way they stuff themselves and you burned cals talking and not eating.

087. If you must eat at the table with the family do not pile food upward on your plate. Try to keep it close to the plate and spread out this way your plate looks full with lots of food, but isn't.

088. If you must eat at the table, talk a lot and take a drink with EVERY bite or every other bite to fill up and make you look active at the table.

089. The best aerobic exercises are stair stepping, walking up hill, and biking. Be sure to hit the weights first though. Try to stick to low impact exercises...also swimming is good.

090. When you're at the grocery store, you should look around at people and note their fatness. Look at what is in their cart and realize that those foods are making and keeping them fat. Therefore you don't need or want them.

091. If you are feeling unstable around food, look at it and say (out loud or to yourself) "I CONTROL THE FOOD! THE FOOD DOES NOT CONTROL ME!"

092. Ditch the all or nothing frame of mind. So you ate to much...STOP RIGHT NOW. Don't wait to stop after your fifth sixth or seventh doughnut! I mean come on that's at least another 300 cals and 24 grams of fat you stopped from going into your body.

093. Avoid liquid calories.

094. Take your multivitamin. Take a calcium supplement too.

095. Become a vegan or vegetarian.

096. Eat in front of the mirror naked. haha betcha can't even try that one. ;)

097. Keep a stack of magazines that weigh as much as you want to lose. When you lose weight subtract magazines from that pile. Watch and see how much that weight really makes a difference.

098. Count to 100 if you are having a craving. Hopefully it'll go away.

099. Carry a picture of something gross. (really gross) and when you wan to eat, look at it.

100. Spicy foods are suppose to raise your metabolism.

101. Put your fork down between every bite.

102. Suck on hard candy.

103. Don't eat past 7pm.

104. Hit your stomach (just not too hard) if it's growling too loudly.

105. Drink diet pop. It'll fill you up and only has 0ne calorie.

106. Curl up in a ball if you have hunger pains.

107. Peppermint decreases hunger.

108. Clean something gross. You'll lose your appetite.

109. Brush your teeth. The taste of the toothpaste will be horrid with the taste of food.

110. The smell of coffee is suppose to suppress appetite.

111. Wear perfectly applied lip gloss. It makes you more aware of what's going in your mouth. Flavored ones help with cravings.

112. Every calorie counts. When you're sitting shake your leg, tap a pencil. Never stop moving.

113. Drink a Glass of water every hour. Not only will it make your stomach feel full, it'll also give you great hydrated skin. Cold water burns more calories, while warm water takes away hunger pains.

114. Throw away the foods you think you'll binge on.

115. When going out, take only the amount of money you'll need and nothing extra. That way you won't be tempted to spend it on food.

116. Every time you think you'd spend money on food. Take that money and put it somewhere safe, after awhile you'll have enough money to buy that cute shirt you saw and be skinnier b/c you didn't use that money for food.

117. Sitting up straight and having good posture burns 10% more calories than when you slouch.

118. Get your sleep, less than 6 hours stimulates you appetite.

119. If you feel like eating, eat negative calorie foods only.

120. Have 6 small meals a day. take 2 apples, and split them so you can make 6 meals out of them. That way your body will be tricked into thinking it's eating more.

121. Carry a picture of your favorite trigger everywhere you go.

122. Carry a small container (like an eye dropper) filled with something non edible. When out with a group of ppl put a few drops on your food so you won't eat it.

123. Drink a sip of water between every bite.

124. Eat what you crave, but in moderation. Only a few bites of it. Enjoy it and eat it slowly.

125. Eat in the same place every day.

126. Chew sugar free gum.

127. Stay cold. your body burns more calories trying to warm itself up.

128. Focus on the first 3 bites of what you're eating.

129. It's said that a person eats less on a dark plate.

130. Don't swallow you're food. Spit it out.

131. When you're really hungry, chew on ice cubes.

132. Eat you're meals on smaller plates.

133. Sugar free Jell-O is my favorite. Even if you binge and eat the whole thing, it's still only 40cals. Amazing.

134. Eat neg. cal foods.

135. Squeeze your butt all the time. Guys like nice ass's and you burn more calories too.

136. Freeze diet pop, or any other fave low calories drink. You body will think it's eating, and it's a great way to cool off in the summer.

137. A warm shower calms achy muscles and soothes a hurting stomach.

138. Get a string and wrap it around your waist cutting it so the ends meet nicely together, now take another string and cut it to what you want your waist to be. Carry the two strings w/ you. You can even be creative and make a bracelet (wrapping it around your wrist a few times of course, necklace, keychain, or something else out of it)

139. Where your retainer when you feel the need to eat.

140. Find a buddy online, do fasts w/ her, competitions, or just have someone to email when you're craving.

141. Take kelp pills. They boost metabolism.

142. Drink 2 tspns of vinegar before a meal will help suck the fat out of the food.

143. Low calorie hot chocolate curbs chocolate cravings, and makes you feel full.

144. Don't eat anything for 3 hours before you go to sleep.

145. Take a picture of yourself wearing a bathing suit or something equally revealing, look at it when you want to eat.

146. Crystal Light's sugar free candies are great when you're really hungry.

147. Wear a fashionable scarf when you're cold and no one else is. They won't suspect anything then.

148. Sniff scented markers to curb cravings.

149. Wear a rubber-band around your wrist, snap it against your skin when you are tempted to eat.

150. Plan your college schedule so that you have few long gaps between classes. That way you won't have time for the cafeteria food.

151. Keep a trash can near you when you eat. If you feel you're going to over eat, throw the rest of the food away.

152. Take anti heartburn pills if you're really hungry. They neutralize that acid that builds and makes you hungry.

153. If you eat right before bed, lay on your left side so the food goes through your system faster.

154. Wear nail polish to hide the discoloring in your nails from lack of nutrients.

155. Chew gum if you need to cook so you won't eat any of the food.

156. Coffee and tea are suppose to raise your metabolism.

157. Eat as slow as you can. It takes your body around 30 minutes to realize it's food. Chew your food till it just dissolves in your mouth.

ss everyone

Oct. 6th, 2008

(no subject)

Well I havent been doing to bad I have been losing which is good not as much as I know I can though. I have been being supppppper lazy and not exercisin. I gatta get off my fat ass. How can I feel good aboutlosing the wieght when I know I dont even deserve it. I havent really eatin anything. Like a bite of my fiances sandwhich the other day and the salads (which I had purged) and that was it for like a week. But I only jogged like twice and I did a few stretches and other then that I did nothing. I could be down like another 5 lbs if I wasnt such a fatass. I have like zero energy rigth now though I know I should go for a walk and I cant bring myself to get out plus I hate walking where people can see me.

no food tastes as good as thin feels :)

stay strong and think thin!!!!

Oct. 3rd, 2008

Gonna Do It!!!!!!!!!!!

so i fasted all day yesterday and then gave in and ate a few leaves of lettuce last night still not bad but I wanted to stick with the fast so bad grrr oh well try again today. I am still feeling so strong and ready to do this! I went for a run last night wasnt super long but was just about an hour so better then nothing and I did about 80 crunches through the day even though I hateeeee them. Does anyone know any good alts to them? I had a personal trainer but she like totally sucked everything she got me to do I felt nothingggg from! She said it was b/c I am short and that if I was taller I would feel more...shouldnt she have given me some that were suited to my hieght then? i got the carmen electra tapes though and I loveeeee some them! I love anything that makes you feel it right away. I wish I coul get back to the gym I used to go sooo much like 3 hours a day and now I feel so disgusting I rather work out at home where no one can see me. Maybe once I lose some wieght I will get back there I wont be able to go for the 3 hours anymore though I just dont have time. but even if I keep exercisin durin the kids nap time and running in the night taking the kids for a walk then maybe an hour of gym would be alright. ohhhh and I lost 3 lbs in 2 days kinda shitty but once I get more work outs in it should come off a bit more...I hope so anyway

headin out for now prob be back on later if I need some distractions....... here is some thinspo I have found..


01. You will be FAT if you eat today, just put it off one more day.

02. You don't NEED food.

03. Fat people can't fit everywhere.

04. Guys will be able to pick you up without struggling.

05. You'll be able to run faster without all that extra weight holding you back.

06. People will remember you as "the beautiful thin one".

07. If someone has to describe you, they'll say "oh she weighs like 90, 100 lbs".

08. Guys will want to get to know you, not laugh at you and walk away.

09. Starving is an example of excellent willpower.

10. You will be able to see your beautiful, beautiful bones.

11. Bones are clean and pure. Fat is dirty and hangs on your bones like a parasite.

12. If you eat then you'll look like those disgusting, fat, ghetto and trailer-trash hookers on Jerry Springer.

13. The models that everyone claims are beautiful, the spitting image of perfection, are any of them fat? NO!

14. Too many people in the world are obese.

15. People who eat are selfish and unrealistic.

16. Only fat people are attracted to fat people. Do you want pigs to like you because you are one of them.

17. Anyone can have "inner beauty" but few can earn real beauty, inside as well as out.

18. You'll be able to move as quietly and skillfully as a spider.

19. Only thin people are graceful.

20. If you slap a fat person you can see a shockwave ripple over their skin. That's disgusting.

21. Do you want people to say "for gods sake get off me you're crushing me!!!" or "you are sooo light" ???

22. Underweight aka perfect body.

23. Ballerina? or beanbag?

24. I want to be light enough so a helium balloon could lift me and carry me to the clouds.

25. I want to walk in the snow and leave no footprints.

26. Starve off the parts you don't need. They're ugly and they drag you down.

27. Nothing cant be fixed with hunger and weight loss.

28. Saying "no thanks" to food is saying "yes please" to THIN!!!

29. Fat people are so huge, yet people look away from them as if they don't exist.

30. The only time people do notice a fat person is when they get in the way of that beautiful thin girl walking by (ok that sounds really horrible i know.)

31. Have you ever seen a person NOT notice a walking skeleton.

32. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

33. Is food more important that happiness in life? I think not!

34. Eating is conforming to everyone else's expectations.

35. When you start to get dizzy and weak you're almost there.

36. Hunger is your friend and it won't betray you like food.

37. Food is mean and sneaky. It tricks you into eating it and it works on you from the inside out making you fat, bloated, ugly and unhappy.

38. Think of anorexia as your secret weapon.

39. If you can name one reason to be fat, I'll name a million and one to be thin.

40. Thin people look good in ANY kind of clothes.

41. Food rots your teeth.

42. Puffy cheeks, double chins and thick ankles-- aren't attractive.

43. Fatty areas stretch and sag as you get older.

44. Ever seen the arms of a fat person wave hello or goodbye?

45. Eating little to nothing saves you money!

46. The average (middle class) American wastes OVER $8,000 a year on FOOD ALONE...it goes in one end and out the other. That sure is a lot of fat! No wonder so many Americans are obese and overweight!

47. Fat people make their country look bad.

48. Big people sweat more and they smell bad.

49. Fat people die earlier.

50. You'll be the envy of all the other girls.

51. All of the guys will want you.

52. You're less likely to get food poisoning.

53. You won't be exposed to all the chemicals and pesticides they put in food today.

54. You won't get sweaty on hot days.

55. The word fat will only apply to you in a sarcastic way.

56. No one wants to see a fat person dance.

57. Beauty Queen? or Dairy Queen?


01. Perfection is reached, not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.

02. Time spent wasting is not wasted time.

03. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

04. A moment on the lips, forever on the hips.

05. Thinner is the winner.

06. You can never be too rich or too thin.

07. Hunger hurts but starving works.

08. The flat stomach is nice, but a concave one is perfect.

09. You will be tempted quite frequently. You will have to choose whether to enjoy yourself wholly for those 20 minutes or so that you will be consuming excess calories, or whether you will despise yourself cordially for the next three days.

10. Eat to live, but don't live to eat.

11. Quod me nutrit, me destruit (What nourishes me, also destroys me.)

12. Most women live their lives in a state of starvation. Why should I be any different?

13. It's simple: You decide once and for all that you aren't going to eat, and there are no further decisions to make.

14. In the body, as in sculpture, perfection is attained not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

15. It's not deprivation, it's liberation.

16. Being normal is over rated.

17. Food is like art, to be looked at not eaten.

18. Every time you say no thank you to food, you say yes please to thin.

19. You have a choice to make, do you want to be "Normal" and overweight like the rest of the world, Or do you want to be unique and be that girl every overweight person wants to be? It's all up to you.

20. I do eat normally: only what is needful for survival. I can't help it that we live in a piggish society where gluttony is the norm, and everyone else is constantly stuffing themselves.

21. Think higher of yourself, your too good to put that in your body.

22. Anorexia is not a self-inflicted disease, it's a self-controlled lifestyle.

23. When I wake, I'm empty, light-headed. I like to stay this way, free and pure, light on my feet, traveling light. For me, food's only interest lies in how little I need, how strong I am, how well I can resist, each time achieving another small victory of the will.

24. The difference between want and need is self control.

25. I’ve come too far to take orders from a cookie.

26. They always say they're concerned with me, about my health, when all they want to do is control me. They want to pin me down and force-feed me with lies, with what they call love.

27. The greasy fry, it cannot lie, its truth is written on your thigh.

28. They say I could die if I get to thin and I tell them I Could die getting to fat also. The difference is dieing thin is a challenge and I am not one to give up one a challenge.

29. We are prisoners of our taste buds - BREAK FREE!

30. I want my collarbones and hips to be as sharp as my mind.

31. You can learn to love anything I think, if you need to badly enough. I trained myself to enjoy feeling hungry. If my stomach contracts, or I wake up feeling nauseated, or I'm light-headed, or have a hunger headache or better yet, all of the above, it means I'm getting thinner, if feels good. I feel strong, on top of myself, in control.

32. Denying yourself food is not true deprivation - never being thin is.

33. There is no try, there is only DO.

34. I have a rule when I weigh myself. If I've gained then I starve the rest of the day. But if I've lost, then I starve too.

35. Re-measure, reweigh, try harder.

36. Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess baggage the shorter the trip.

37. You have such a pretty face, why don't you try dieting?

38. Pain is temporary; Pride is forever.

39. An imperfect body reflects an imperfect person.

40. Don't give up what you want most for what you want at the moment.

41. I'm a teenage drama queen, I'll throw my guts up for self esteem.

42. Empty is pure, starving is the cure.

43. Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there.

44. Like a plant, surely the body can be trained to exist on nothing, to take it's nourishment from the air.

45. Feed the soul; let the body fast.

46. If you close your mouth to food, you can know a sweeter taste.

47. The less I swallowed, the more I declined, the more I hope to pare things down to the essentials.

48. The more they give me, the less I'll eat.

49. Eat less, weigh less.

50. Thin has a taste all its own.

51. Happy or sad, rich or poor, it's better being thin.

52. I don't care if it hurts, I want to have control, I want a perfect body, I want a perfect soul.

53. If it tastes good, It's trying to kill you.

54. An ordinary girl, an ordinary waist – but ordinary's just not good enough today.

55. The word is control. That's my ultimate - to have control.

56. "I am your butter and your bread. The voice that's in your head. I'll take you in and fill you up with a lack of being fed" -Ana

57. I want to be the smallest I can possibly be...when I see bone, that's the day I will finally feel free...

58. I'm not yet a winner. I could be thinner. So I must go throw up dinner.

59. Giving in to food shows weakness, be strong and you will be better than everyone else.

60. I'm not starving myself. I'm perfecting my emptiness.

61. I, the hunger artist, rarely disappoint my audience.

62. How many pounds till I am happy? How many pounds till I get thin? Three more pounds till I am skinny, three more pounds and I win!

63. Anorexia is not a disease. Anorexia is not a game. Anorexia is a skill, perfected only by a few. The chosen, the pure, the flawless.

64. Anorexia is like a game; you play, you win, and then it's over. Or you keep playing.

65. Nothing. Nothing is wrong. And asking is against the rules. Crying is against the rules. Your strong, don't let them break you. They're trying to destroy you.

66. When it comes to losing weight, those who can do; those that can make excuses.

67. Don't eat. If you want to see food, look in the mirror at your thighs.

68. What's in your fingers today is on your hips tomorrow.

69. The only freedom left is the freedom to starve.

70. You are what you eat.

71. Good habits result from resisting temptation.

72. There are admirable potentialities in every human being. Believe in your strength and your youth. Learn to repeat endlessly to yourself, 'It all depends on me'.

73. Food is the most primitive form of comfort.

74. Act as if it were impossible to fail.

75. Blessed are the starving, for they shall teach us not to want.

76. You want food? Look at those THIGHS!

77. Fridge pickers wear big knickers.

78. Don't eat anything today that you'll regret tomorrow.

79. Craving is only a feeling.

80. Bones define who we really are, let them show.

  • Strip all your bed sheets and wash them.
  • Do some dusting around your place.
  • Clean out your computer of unwanted files by doing a disk clean-up and a disk defragment. Your computer will run better and faster.
  • Get a couple programs called Ad-Aware, plus Spybot Search and Destroy and scan for adware components. You don't want that stuff on your computer.
  • Do a free online virus scan at trendmicro.com to make sure your system is clean.
  • Check online for security updates for your software. Better safe than sorry.
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise. It's good for you, keeps you fit and moving burning unwanted calories.
  • Listen to upbeat music and dance around.
  • Watch TV, but place the remote control far away. This makes you get up when you want to change channel, ect.
  • If your sitting, twitch your leg. Might as well burn calories while you sit down too.
  • Play a musical instrument. (For me it's guitar ... I'm terrible but I still play it.)
  • Design your own thinspirational or pro-ana site. It's actually quite time consuming, fun and it teaches you a skill.
  • Find songs that relate to ana/mia.
  • Burn a thinspirational cd.
  • Make a list of your goals and how/when you want to have them acheived by.
  • Try out a new hair style.
  • Exfoliate your body. (Must have very warm shower for this to open your pores.)
  • Give yourself a make-over.
  • Have a cool shower.
  • Go through the song section and download the songs, then burn your own thinspirational CD.
  • Keep checking back into this site, join my forums and post. (Lol, I know ... cheap pop.)
  • Do an online research of your favorite musician, and join any Yahoo groups that might be around on this musician.
  • If you don't already get a Yahoo account and enjoy the benefits like free e-mail account, messanger, groups, games, ect.
  • Get AOL instant messenger, then chat with others.
  • Unsure about a piece of information reguarding weight loss / metabolic rate, ect.? Do an online research to make sure your information is as accurate as possible.
  • Make your own journal, writing down goals - food eaten - calories burned - weight lost - thinspiration pics - motivational things, and such.
  • Brush your teeth. Get a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste set and use it often. A clean minty mouth can make the thought of eating less attractive. Also, if you brush after every meal and every supposed meal, it's less obvious whether you've eaten or not.
  • Take a shower. Hot steamy water can suppress the appetite, in me at least, and paying close attention to your body will serve to remind you exactly why you're losing weight in the first place. If you feel clean you may not want to "dirty" yourself with food.
  • Fidget, take up a new hobby, find something to focus on. Find something with which to distract your hands and / or mouth. Chewing gum works for many people, but check for calories. Sewing or stringing beads is good, detail-oriented and monotonous. Keep yourself occupied.
  • Exercise. Find something you love to do and do it. If, like me, you're too self-conscious to exercise where people can see, then do it when you're alone at home or in a locked room or other safe place. Make it interesting. The best I've found? Dancing. Find music you love, cover the windows up, and don't even think about what you may look like since there's nobody to see. It's a lot of fun, and it helps you get more familiar with your body as well.
  • Find triggering pictures. You have internet access, I know you do. When you feel like eating, pick an actress or model that you think is particularly beautiful and search for pictures of them ... or for pictures of people you find particularly ugly and fat. It's a slow, involving process and for me at least a great way to avoid eating.
  • Take a nap. A lot of people think they're hungry when really they're just tired. Also, drink water, since thirst can make you think you're hungry as well.





(My little thinsp I will wear somethin like this on my wedding night and I WILL look HOT!!!!)


(My naturally skinny none ana friends always a thinspo)





Oct. 2nd, 2008

Writer's Block: Work Clothes

Remember the bodysuit? Fashion designer Donna Karan, who changed the way career women dressed in the 1980s, turns 60 today. Office dress codes have relaxed since then, but every workplace has its own rules. What passes for appropriate where you work? Is there anything you can't wear to work?
I work for myself anything that looks good goes for me :)

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so far today I am doing good. Drinking tons of water and green tea! Kind of worried about tonight though. I think the worst part of my day is supper time because thats when my fiance is home and I loveeeee cooking and always make him supper. I always taste as I go to make sure its alright even more when I am trying something new. Maybe if I just spit it out afterwards? If I dont swallow it then  I cant get fat from it and I can still cook for him. Today I am making him this italian pork chop thing so its supppppper fatty lol I hate not eating with im I always feel so guilty b/c I always lie and say I am sick. The other day he made comment how I never have 2 days that I feel good in a row.  If I do eat I sneak downstairs saying I need to do something for the daycare in the morning and puke it up. I swear anything I eat will make me gain wieght so I cant have a meal ever and keep it down.  Even salads make me feel bad. I loveeeeee ceasar salads I have and addiction to them but even without the bacon bits which Im not really a fan of any way the dressing and croutons have calories in them.  in liek the middle of Dec theres a xmas party for my work and his. they are both dress up kinda things and I want to look hot!!! last year I went and i felt like shit even though my dress was gorgeous I felt totally fattttt and the dress was kinda form fitting so I was like everyoneee can see my fat!! I sat at my table the whole night not getting up b./c I didnt want anyone to see my full view. My finace kept saying I just had a baby  which was true it was only 3 months after which made me feel a little better but not much. Like  90% of the ppl there didnt know I jsut had a baby they just seen me as fat which I was and whats worse is that I am bigger now! HOW THE HELL DO I GET BIGGER THEN I WAS WHEN I HAD THE BABY WITHOUT EATING A FUCKING THING!!!! I dont get it  but yeah thats my rant for now prob be back tonight to shwo how my day went so far so good I loveeee water :)

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