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tinkcb's Journal

5 June 1987
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Hey Im really new to this and I want to know any tips anyone can give me. I am 21 and I had a baby last year. Having the baby made me gain 60 lbs and I have been doing everything to get rid of the wieght but I swear water makes me gain it. I have gained 10 lbs in one week just from drinking water and eating salads. I am soooooo depressed and I am embarresed to go out of the house. none of my old clothes fit me and half the time I am wearing my fiances shirts and sweaters which make me feel even more like crap. I was a cheerleader before and loved the gym now the thought of people watching me run down the road embarress me soooo much. I want to look good again so bad. My fiance is a huge support still saying he loves me no matter what whenever I got off on my fat rants but he doesnt understand. I went from walking into the bar and having everyone look at me to no one paying any attention. I want to feel good abotu myself again. I want to feel healthy again. I have cried to much b/c I feel bad for myself I am sick of it. If anyone can help me with this I would be sooooooo thankful

luv yas